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Christmas is near and I might have some spare time to polish maildiary a bit. What do you want as an extension or change for maildiary?

2016-12-20 13:54:39
I don't have any 'wishes' or ideas for improving Maildiary, but I do want to thank you for sharing your resources and providing a tool to keep memories. I appreciate your program. Thank You.
2016-12-20 15:01:32
Hi, thanks for providing such an invaluable service.

Would it be possible to tweak the reminder to be on certain days only? I tend to keep a diary only for weekends (sometimes Fridays too) and holiday times. I only really want the reminder at weekends if possible.

Thanks again.

Feliz Navidad.
2016-12-21 00:10:39
Echo what B's said above - thank you for providing a brilliant platform for writing diaries :) Have a merry Christmas and happy new year!
2016-12-21 20:56:50
Thank you so much for having this free program! It really is great. Would love a little more search ability, though understand that's a bit of a lift :)
2016-12-24 14:50:43
Thanks much for the diary facility.I like this. Christmas greetings.
2016-12-26 10:24:12
Thanks for the platform. This helps very much. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year!
2016-12-28 02:04:54
Waouh, je vais entamer ma cinquième année avec votre logiciel en ligne. Encore merci. I am addict ! Ça valait bien un petit commentaire de remerciement. Joyeux noël, from France, Fontainebleau.
2016-12-28 16:36:58
Thank you so much for your wonderful service! I'll second the wish for a search function, although of course I understand that it might be more work than you can do for a free service.
2016-12-31 13:32:24
Been using this service for 2 years and a half, writing daily journal ever since I started. Thank you!
Antoine from Grenoble (France)
2017-01-02 08:49:25
Thanks a lot for your mail diary. I use it every day since several months.
2017-01-03 02:42:40
I appreciate MailDiary so much. It works great for me. Thank you!
2017-04-01 20:04:08
Search Function please!! :)
2017-05-08 02:16:38
actually, i wrote this diary with my honey. So i wande whether you can open an choice about comment?
2017-05-12 08:17:38
I'm not able to use search function or #tags function to find past entries. Is it broken or only not working for me?
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